Friday, October 14, 2011

Upcycled Shower Curtains

Me and Scarlett O'Hara- Upcycling curtains since the civil war.

I have been on the hunt for cute curtains FOREVER. My criteria was: cute, not too expensive, maybe have some green accents. Pretty basic, yes? Yet I found NOTHING. While browsing at Marshalls the other day I saw a couple cute Valerie Bertinelli shower curtains. They had a modern-ish pattern and were green, DONE!

This was so easy. I added 24" of material to the bottom of the curtain and 12" to the top to achieve the desired length. I then added a drapery liner which really makes them look like Curtains and not Sheets I Hung on My Window.

I used this tutorial to make the curtain rods, it is such a good idea. Plain curtains are so expensive! Especially if you need them as long as I did. Instead of using the L brackets to hang the rod I drilled a 1" hole through the middle of a shelf bracket and slid the rod through.

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