Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remember me?

Oh, its just me.. plus a baby! Well, an unborn baby, but baby nonetheless. I can almost pinpoint the day I found out I was pregnant because of the last blog post. That is when everything came to a screeching halt and switched gears.

Now I am 22 weeks pregnant, feeling much better and have a new focus for my crafts: our baby boy! I am in the midst of cleaning/organizing the house, moving my office downstairs and last but not least decorating a nursery. I am deciding between a modern nursery and a traditional nursery. Modern is much more my style but how often do you get to decorate for a baby? I can throw modern in there when he is older.

Here are some of my inspiration pictures.

I love the light feeling of this room.

I found this photo when I was looking for wall stencils

This is my absolute favorite. I am leaning towards this style.
This is the picture that started my pewter and blue obsession.

Let me know what style you like.

Thanks for being patient, stayed tuned for many more DIY and craft posts to come.



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