Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Check me out on Knockoff Decor!

I like Knockoff Decor.

I am inspired by Knockoff Decor.

I just love Knockoff Decor.

I am unhealthily *obsessed* with Knockoff Decor.

Truth betold, I danced around to the Ghostbuster's song (in my head) and squealed a little when I received the email informing me that I was going to be featured on Knockoff Decor.

I think that everyone should be able to have fabulous things, not just the people that spend $500 on a throw pillow; Knockoff Decor helps that happen.

Also, everyone should also be able to experience the manic fear that they are ruining the home they just bought with some crazy project ;)

Follow this link to see my feature on Knockoff Decor. I HIGHLY recommend you subscribe to their site, it is fantastic.

Here is a sneak peek of tomorrow's tutorial.... Did someone say lanterns?

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